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12 rue des Bons Enfants
22700 Perros Guirec - FRANCE
02 96 49 01 10
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The Belouga restaurant

Book a table (Subject to availability)

For any reservation the same day it is strongly recommended to book on
+33 2 96 49 01 10.

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    Fine food and local produce.

    Delight on your taste-buds, health in your plate and impressive sea view make a perfect ensemble. You are invited to take your seat alone or with company, and to live life to its full.
    Here we cater your desires and add a touch of unexpected.

    The Restaurant

    In a minimal, contemporary decor, discover a gastronomic cuisine with fresh and carefully selected produce by chef Jean-Alexandre OUARATTA.

    Omnipresent view on the sea invites you to travel during a gourmet instant.

    Le Belouga Restaurant is opened everyday during high season and from wednesdays to sundays on low season, from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

    Book your table at (+33)2 96 49 01 10


    About the chef

    “Native from the Reunion, I arrived in Metropolitan France in 2001. I have worked amongst chefs such as Paul BOCUSE, Yannick ALLENO, Christian LHERM, Marcel RAVIN, before taking my place as chef at the Bagnols Castle in Beaujolais, where I have obtained a Michelin star in 2016. 

    Ma passion can be resumed by a deep respect of produce, carefully selected from small producers. I create a hearty, generous cuisine with a pinch of exoticism and compose my menus according to the inspiration the places I work at give me, with a profound respect for traditions.”

    – Jean-Alexandre OUARATTA




    Entrée chef Ouaratta

    Cocktail bar

    The bar welcomes you every day from 11am to 11 pm. No reservation needed.

    At the bar, on the terrace or in the garden, from everywhere the horizon of the open sea lies before you. Take a seat wherever the mood takes you.

    Simplicity, originality, the pleasure of local drinks and new discoveries – they’re all on our bar menu.
    For the curious-minded, we recommend our Cocktails with their thousand natural flavours and seasons.
    From high-class to detox, just tell the barman what you have in mind and you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

    Le Bélouga Perros Guirec


    Breakfast is served every day from 7am to 10am. 

    Enjoy our fresh, homemade breakfast.
    Every morning, Éric our craftsman baker creates in-house a thousand and one breakfast surprises.
    Those with an appetite may go for sweet or savoury dishes, others just sip a coffee, Damman tea, traditional hot chocolate or a fresh fruit juice.
    The view down over the sea and the light of the sunrise all add to the start to your day.

    Breakfast in the dining room
    Philippe, our breakfast manager, lightens the atmosphere with a few notes of poetry.

    Breakfast in your bedroom,
    Decide on your preferences the evening before or on the day, and enjoy them freely in your room until midday.

    For the daily news,
    Local and national newspapers are available every morning.



    Six Arin oysters from Bréhat, just opened – 22€

    Organic Egg from the Keryann Farm, soft boiled, blackened with cuttlefish ink, parsnip, mushroom & bacon – 20€

    Thin shell pie, buckwheat shortbread, light iodized mayonnaise, nori seaweed & spirulina – 24€

    Abalone meunière, green papaya & wakame seaweed salad, lemon curry cream, kaloupilé juice - 26€

    Roasted duck foie gras, flambéed banana with old rhum, Bourbon vanilla & yuzu – 29€


    Pearly Pollock, textured celery, organic button mushroom condiment & ginger emulsion – 28€

    Roasted Méné Bré squab, sucrine, shiitake mushrooms, glasswort, black garlic condiments & wild pepper juice from Madagascar - 30€

    Roasted brill, cauliflower, fish bone & coco emulsion - 32€

    Roasted Limousin Rib-Eye Steak, condimented carrots, leaf expression , seaweed jam & herbs coulis – 34€

    Blue lobster cooked in ginger butter, young vegetables, black garlic & coral juice (according to arrival)– 65€


    Cheese platter & Stéphan Perrotte jams - 16€


    Chocolate and hazelnut fingers, ganache, 100% hazelnut biscuit, caramel ice cream parfait - 16€

    Pear vacherin, citrus & pear jelly, Bourbon vanilla cream, franco-swiss meringue – 16€

    Organic Lemon from the Maritime Alps, candied for 24 hours, tarragon jelly, lemon cream & crispy shortbread – 16€

    The Puffin - 49 €

    Organic Egg
    Pearly pollack
    Pear vacherin

    The Pink Granite Coast - 65 €

    Thin shell pie or Grilled abalone
    Pearly Pollock
    Roasted Méné Bré squab
    Chocolate hazelnut fingers

    The Seven Islands - 78 €

    Thin shell pie
    Roasted duck foie gras
    Roasted Brill or Blue lobster (20€ supplement)
    Rib Eye steak
    Chocolate hazelnut fingers or Organic Lemon

    Little Sailor - 20 €

    For children under 12 years old

    Végétarien & végétalien

    • Vegetarian & vegan main courses can be composed by the chef and his team on request.

    The Chef and his team wish you bon appétit!

    A list of allergens is available on request.

    Prices nett including tax and service


    • Breakfast can be brought to your room or served from the buffet in the restaurant at the same price of 25€ per person.

    With a complete choice:
    - Bread and Danish pastries hand-made in our kitchens each morning by our Craftsman Baker Eric
    - Coffees, a selection of Damman Frères teas, cappuccino, traditional hot chocolate served by our breakfast manager Philippe
    - Assortment of fresh fruit juices, craftsman-produced apple juice, fruit salad, dairy produce, local yogurt and fromage blanc, cereals, cheese platter, cold meats, smoked salmon, eggs, mini-pancakes, grilled bacon, honey and craftsman-made jam, farmhouse butter, cereals, choice of seeds and berries
    - Local & national newspapers delivered each morning